About Us

The Esma Events was founded on 23rd April 2018 by Priyanka Eswaran and named after her parents "Eswaran Maheswari". We have successfully organized and coordinated events in health, sports and arts.

   We focus on creating value in society through Event Management, Media & Public Relations. We have organized Guinness World Record Events in the environment sector and have been passionately involved in health events. In Media and PR services, we specialize in establishing noteworthy Brand Identity and Promotions for our customers. A deep analysis is done by touching the root of every department in an organization with a strong impression.


To create a strong impact on society by adding value through events and media.


  1. Nurture the health of people by organizing camps for organ & blood donations, general health awareness, fitness and prevention from diseases.
  2. Preserve the environment by conducting events for farming, afforestation and climate change.
  3. Entertain and engage people with arts and fashion events which brings out talents and skills from every corner of the society.
  4. Build a strong network with organizations by conducting employee engagement, awards function, service and products launch events.
  5. Efficiently connect businesses with their clients or customers using branding, media and PR works.


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Why choose us

You get the right strategy for your company’s promotion.

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We have a team of like-minded people with versatile skills, knowledge and experience.

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We deliver stunning events & services that touch people’s life.

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We believe that occasions and celebrations are an essential part of life.

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Team - Priyanka Eswaran

Priyanka_The Esma Events
A 23 year young and dynamic entrepreneur. She has evolved with a strong 6-year experience in event management, media, and designing. She played a diverse set of roles such as designer, editor, marketing executive, event administrator, coordinator, host for events, and an active team player. Along with this, she has a 9-year experience in health and sports leadership roles. After going through a challenging work environment in the media field, she gained the insights and experience to build a career which suited her passion.